We are very proud to provide tomorrow's leaders the advanced tools required to prepare for advancing leadership positions and a global future!  Cultured Kids Club was founded in 2008 because we saw the professional requirements necessary for tomorrow's leaders to advance their formative skills to achieve executive leadership positions.  Cultured Kids Club was established on the belief that every child can and should have the opportunity for these life-long advancements.

  • Knowing that most students in the United States will not receive any foreign language education until high school, we created a dynamic, advancing and retentive immersive language program.

    • This program develops, sustain and advance children's foreign language proficiency.

  • Cultured Kids Club sets out to provide a program that will teach children new languages in a fun, engaging and age-appropriate way.


My two oldest children have taken classes for the past 4 years at this school and it is great!  The teachers are all fantastic and all fluent in the languages they teach.  They have a comprehensive language program and make the classes fun so kids enjoy going to class.  Believe me, one of my kids isn't crazy about taking anymore classes than he has to but he really likes these classes!  The director and owner is great to work with too.  All around, a great school and I highly recommend it.

— Liz W.