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Cultured Kids Club

Our goal is life-long communication!!

Cultured Kids Club's goal is to provide children the advanced language skills necessary to achieve native-level communication in reading, writing, and verbal pronunciation for a lifetime of opportunity in education, employment and world adventure.

  • We introduce students to native pronunciation and everyday concepts with native-speaking teachers.

  • We take advantage of the window of opportunity that early learning provides.

  • Our Language In Action® curriculum implements multi-level language progression for continued advancemet.

Who We Are and What We Offer

With our professionally-developed curriculum, immersion teaching methods, small class sizes of 6-8 children and an excellent team of native-speaking teachers, your child will be on the fast track to advanced language proficiency! 

​Cultured Kids Club is a Total Immersion foreign language center!
  • Cultured Kids Club programs are structured towards language proficiency and the student's age.
  • Our "Language In Action®" curriculum is an advancing learning system! Students can begin their second language adventure as a new beginner and progress their language skills to native communication levels.

  • Every step of the way Cultured Kids Club gets you talking!!!  

  • We offer Spanish, French and Chinese language programs at various Center locations. Check your local Center for program details and class schedules.


Our "Language In Action®" curriculum makes it fun to learn a second language, helping students gain verbal confidence through peer interaction, and make tremendous strides in his or her language proficiency.​
  • Students completely interact in the language, using fun and engaging age-appropriate activities.
  • Our dynamic curriculum engages students naturally using Total Immersion and Total Response teaching methods.

  • Our "Language In Action®" curriculum aligns with ACTFL standards.

  • Our curriculum focuses on building language skills from the ground up; starting with simple verbal greetings to advanced language skills in writing a paper about your summer vacation.


Classes are designed to educate and support children at their individual level.​
  • Class sizes are small, allowing for more individual interaction with the teacher and getting their native pronunciation skills mastered.

  • All classes are structured to supply students with everyday social interaction and common communication topics.

  • All registered students/families are emailed a password to their class's "Student Corner" webpage. "Student Corner" webpages offer students extra between-classroom learning materials such as practice sheets, Quizlet games, cartoons, YouTube videos, and suggested tablet and phone apps.

  • Whether your child is just beginning a new adventure into foreign language learning or is looking to advance their established language skills, we're here to help!​

Our World-Class Teachers

Cultured Kids Club only hires teachers with teaching experience and with native or fluent communication skills.  We are very proud to say,

“Our teachers are the crème de la crème of language educators.”

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