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5006 Penn St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15237​

At-School Immersion Enrichment Programs

At-School with Cultured Kids Club:


  • Our curriculum aligns with the ACTFL Education Standards.

  • Dedicated, reliable, and educated teachers who are native or fluent in the language that they teach.

    • We offer Chinese, French, and Spanish immersion language programs.

  • Creative, interactive, theme-based curriculum to actively engage children in learning through doing.

  • An established system to ensure on-time arrival of teachers and natural, engaging delivery of instruction.

  • Cultured Kids Club provides all materials for age-appropriate activities.

    • We include interactive games, stories, songs, worksheets, and craft projects.

  • Regular onsite check-ins with school administration to ensure program expectations are being met.

  • Convenient and user-friendly online registration and tuition payment options. (All information is confidential; we do not sell information to third parties!)

  • A portion of our profits goes directly to your school's PTO.

    • This is a great way to fundraise and learn something new!

Contact us if you would like to have our programs in your school!