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Parent & Tot Programs


The best time for children to learn a second language is during their preschool and elementary years. This is when the window of opportunity grants a child the cognitive flexibility to retain multiple languages and reiterate with native pronunciation. Our programs are tailored to allow learning naturally through fun, play-based activities with their parent or caregiver.

About Parent & Tot Programs:

Our Parent & Tot programs are a great opportunity for a parent or caregiver to engage and learn a new language with their child. These programs allow the parent and children to interact while learning new words and simple phrases together!

  • Every two weeks, we feature a new conversation topic such as colors, pets, clothing, foods or family members.

  • Every week, students learn the topic words and phrases through fun and engaging age-appropriate songs, games, play-based activities and craft projects.

  • We focus on verbal communication for this age group to achieve native pronunciation skills.

  • We keep classes small for more personalized language-learning attention.


See your location for In-Person class offerings!

*CKC - Policies apply*

AGES 18 MOS. - 3 YRS.

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