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Spanish and French Language Classes

 for Grades 1-6

Winter 2020 Session:  Jan. 6 - Mar. 20

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Ready to learn another language?


Our classes provide elementary and middle school students the early advantage of learning to read, write and converse in Spanish and French! Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve taken classes with us before, Cultured Kids Club’s mission is to get you talking! With our interactive and progressing curriculum, small class sizes and our excellent team of fluent and native teachers, your child will be on the fast track to learning Spanish or French naturally in a fun and engaging environment.


During the 2019-2020 school year, Cultured Kids Club will cover all new conversation topics each session, for continued language advancement. We repeat conversation topics after three years!  Right from the beginning students learn to ask and answer everyday questions! In addition to our classroom learning, all students will receive secure access to our online resources, using fun games to reinforce weekly lessons.

All classroom materials provided!



Level 1 Classes

Our Level 1 classes are designed for students just beginning their Spanish or French language journey. These classes provide the fundamental skills needed for everyday interaction in a Spanish or French speaking country.

  • Learn to actively communicate with native pronunciation while learning everyday communication in speaking, reading and writing.

  • Developing, integrating and recalling vocabulary, common phrases and simple sentences.

  • Everyday language skills such as greetings, introductions, object description, likes & dislikes, calendar, weather, questions, responses, and commands.

  • Introduction to verbs through fun and challenging activities, games, skit and art projects.

New Level 2 Classes!!!

Next school year we are offering students, who have completed 2 years of Level 1 Spanish or French, the option to advance their language skills. NEW Level 2 classes are designed to advance verbal language interaction through our "Language In Action" curriculum. 

  • Communicating with native pronunciation while learning advanced communication skills in speaking, reading and writing.

  • Communication topics; using future and past tense verbs in simple sentences, description of self and others, asking and responding to questions or commands through fun and challenging activities, games, skits, and art projects.

  • Developing, integrating and recalling vocabulary, common phrases and simple sentences.

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Spanish Classes:

  • All classes offered are taught by native-speaking teachers.

  • All registered students stay after school. The assigned CKC language teacher will meet students in the school commons area

  • All registered students/families are emailed a login and password to their class's webpage. Web pages offer students extra materials such as practice sheets, cartoons, YouTube videos and suggested tablet and phone apps.

Cultured Kids Club

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French Classes: