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Pre-K Programs

Nǐ hǎo

Cultured Kids Club currently offers Chinese, French, and Spanish classes for preschoolers and kindergartners. Families can choose between a once a week morning or afternoon Pre-K program or our twice per week afternoon or morning Accelerated Pre-K program.


Our curriculum helps students learn through engaging activities. We focus on kindergarten readiness as well as hands-on learning! During each class, students learn reading, writing, math, science, problem-solving techniques and native verbal pronunciation.


These programs focus on foreign language development and prepare students for kindergarten. Classes are small for more one-on-one learning (8:1 ratio).

About Pre-K Programs:

The Pre-K program meets once per week

Our Pre-K programs are designed for independent learners! 
Students in these programs will build confidence in their foreign language verbal, reading and writing skills.


  • Every week, students learn topic words and phrases through fun and engaging songs, games, activities, and craft projects.

  • Every two weeks, we feature a new descriptive theme such as pets, clothing, foods, transportation or numbers.

  • We include weekly at-home worksheets, videos, and songs through our Student Corner.


Each class, students participate in Brunch Bunch. This is a time for students to get to know each other and to watch a short cartoon in their target foreign language. Parents should pack a NUT FREE snack for their child. 


This program focuses on native verbal pronunciation while preparing students for reading and writing communication skills.


See your location for In-Person and Online class offerings!

*CKC - Tuition Policies apply*

AGES 3 - 6 YRS.

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